Key to build your new dream home

We strictly follow the plan and budget to make your dream home built within the estimated timeframe.

What is your desired dream home?

Talk to us about your dream home. 4 bedrooms with 3 bathroom? Swimming pool or a larger outdoor living area? Get a quote in less than 10 days!

New Home Build

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Your new home is built to suit you

Looking for a new home that's uniquely you? We don't build cookie-cutter houses from set plans - with Dreamhome, you can completely customise your house design, building materials & finishes. Work with our experienced in-house team of designers, builders & project managers, from the very first design idea until your house is ready to move in to. 

We stick to a fixed budget

You've heard of all the horror stories of new home owners being left out of pocket after their housing project went way over budget. That won't happen with your Dreamhome project.
When we quote you a price, we stand by it. We'll stick to that fixed budget no matter what, so you rest assured you won't need to spend any extra money.

Move into your new home sooner

We'll get your house designed and built in months - not years. Our skilled & efficient team works all year round, rain or shine, to make sure your house is ready for the move-in date.
Because we have dedicated designers, builders and project managers all working in-house, we can avoid costly delays that can often plague housing companies working with contractors.

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