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If you have a large section and want to get some extra cash to pay off that mortgage or invest in a new venture, subdividing your land may be the best solution.

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Our land subdivision experts take care of everything from initial planning & landscaping to council permits, and we can help you build a new home on the new title.

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Land Subdivision

What is Land Subdivision?

Residential subdivision refers to the creation of individual titles for specific lots within a larger 'parent' block of land. In most cases this involves turning one large property into several smaller ones. If you are looking to increase the value of your property, add another house or provide extra accommodation, subdivision may be the best solution.

Potential Rewards with Complexity

Subdividing your property can be a great option potentially offering you good financial rewards. However, the process can be a time-consuming and complex, with consents, hidden costs, council restrictions and planning regulations just a few aspects of the project that will need to be considered along the way. All of that comes before a new home is built!


Subdivision Process

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation

1. Topographical survey. The topographical survey would also show the position of existing buildings, impermeable areas, trees, provision for access, services and contours, and obtain information for a
flood report. CCTV of existing services (Consultant).